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Los Angeles Divorce and Family Attorney

Attorney Barbara Irshay Zipperman represents clients in the San Fernando Valley and throughout California in the following areas of divorce and family law:

Mediation : Mediation provides you with the opportunity to negotiate your own divorce settlement terms or child custody and parenting arrangement. Instead of allowing a judge to make the decision, you will have control over major life decisions. Barbara Irshay Zipperman is an experienced and well-trained family law mediator who can facilitate the process.

Divorce : In divorce, our first objective is to arrive at a cooperative resolution. Through mediation, collaborative law and even litigation when necessary, we seek the best solution for you.

Child Custody and Parenting Plans : Family law attorney Barbara Irshay Zipperman strives to reach an agreement before resorting to a court proceeding. She considers the children's best interests first to protect them from being used as pawns in a contentious divorce.

Rights of Unmarried Parents : When a child is born to unmarried parents, it is sometimes necessary to proceed with a paternity action before issues of child support can be addressed or before the father can obtain visitation or custody rights. We are experienced in guiding clients through paternity actions and in devising child custody arrangements through negotiation or mediation whenever possible.

Child Support : While the formula to determine child support is set by law, the amounts entered into the calculation are often in dispute. Incomes and time spent with children must be factored in to determine the appropriate amount of child support. Those issues and special needs can become contentious.

Spousal Support : When possible, ex-spouses are entitled to maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed during their marriage. Our law firm assists clients with determining the temporary spousal support and to analyze the factors considered for permanent support.

Property and Debt Division : Marital and separate property and debt must be determined and appropriately divided as part of a divorce proceeding. We assist with that process and try to resolve any disputes regarding the characterization and division of property. We are experienced handling complex property division concerns involving business valuations, investment accounts, retirement assets and other property issues.

Prenuptial Agreements : For our clients about to enter into their first marriage, prenuptial agreements are often useful to define expectations. For our clients getting married for a second time, we will negotiate the terms of prenups in an attempt to define expectations as to ownership of property and the payment of support in the event of divorce.

Collaborative Law : The collaborative law process is a contract between the parties to resolve all of their issues collaboratively, to not litigate the divorce in court, and act in good faith throughout the entire process. Our Sherman Oaks collaborative divorce attorney has effectively represented divorce clients in this process.

Modifications : While a divorce decree represents the final step in a divorce, the decree can be changed in certain circumstances, especially as to child support or child custody to meet the changing needs of the parties. These circumstances include a change in income, a new job or a move by one parent to another state.

Stepparent Adoption : When a parent remarries and the child's other biological parent is not active in the child's life, it is possible for the child's new stepparent to adopt the child through the stepparent adoption process. This provides the child with legal rights, such as inheritance rights.

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In recent years, more than 60% of California marriages have ended in divorce. If you have questions about how California law may address the issues in your marriage, contact a California family law attorney.

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