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Child Custody / Parenting Plans

Sherman Oaks Child Custody Attorney

Los Angeles Parenting Plan and Mediation Lawyer

The best interests of your children will come first if you choose Barbara Irshay Zipperman to handle your divorce case. Clients in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, and throughout California have relied on her to protect their rights. You can count on her to advocate for your rights as well.

Strong Advocates for Your Child Custody Case

Attorney Barbara Irshay Zipperman's, objective in determining child custody and parenting plans is to reach an agreement prior to court. The State of California requires mediation before taking a child custody dispute into the courtroom, unless there is some type of emergency. There are times when mediation does not work due to one side being unreasonable. When that happens, she will aggressively advocate for our clients in court.

Litigation related to child custody and parenting plans is expensive and slow. Perhaps most importantly, it relinquishes the decision-making process to a judge. A judge may order psychological evaluations, putting your child in the middle of two warring factions. In litigation, it can be obvious that parents are not getting along. Even if parents think they are hiding the animosity, children will be able to sense it. Simply put, it is not healthy to place a child in the midst of acrimony.

Preference for Mediation to Determine Child Custody and Parenting Plans

Mediation and negotiation are the preferred venues at our firm, especially when determining child custody and parenting plans. Barbara Irshay Zipperman is an experienced and highly trained mediator who has resolved many child custody matters prior to litigation. She has facilitated communications between parents in developing these arrangements and detailed parenting plans. She can provide her clients with mediation facilitation and compassionate legal representation that focuses on your children's best interests.

Contact an Experienced Child Custody Attorney

Child custody litigation can be expensive and bring out the worst in people. Let us show you the benefits of cooperation and the type of results you want and need. To get more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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In recent years, more than 60% of California marriages have ended in divorce. If you have questions about how California law may address the issues in your marriage, contact a California family law attorney.

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