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Los Angeles Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Using mediation to resolve your divorce puts you in control over the process, instead of relinquishing the decision-making to a judge. Attorney Barbara Irshay Zipperman is dedicated to the mediation process for her clients in Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles.

Mediation Gives You Control

The mediation process allows our clients to negotiate their own agreement and resolve issues without going to court. It is structured, safe, and can be facilitated by Barbara Irshay Zipperman, a trained and experienced mediator. For many people, it is important to have a measure of control in making the life-altering decisions that come with a divorce. Mediation gives you the control that you would not have in a courtroom when you want to resolve your divorce and the related issues, including:

Serving as Mediator and Attorney

At the Law and Mediation Offices of Barbara Irshay Zipperman, our mediation services include facilitation of the entire process or representation of one side. Ms. Zipperman has served as a neutral mediator or a consulting attorney for one side. No matter what her capacity is during the process, she brings a thorough knowledge of effective strategies to find resolution. Clients who want more control over the costs and the outcome of their divorce rely on her for that mediation experience.

Family Law Mediation Versus Divorce Litigation

Mediation allows parties to determine how they want to restructure their family. Mediation allows the client to resolve their dissolution issues taking into account their own needs, and creating solutions to meet those needs. Decisions made by the parties in mediation may not be how a court would decide. The opportunity for flexibility and creativity makes mediation an attractive process. Clients often agree to mediation after starting their divorce proceedings in the courtroom, where they witnessed the potential for acrimony and long-term damage to their children. They felt the control slipping away from them. The litigation process itself forced them to change course and move towards the mediation table.

While mediation is often more cooperative and promotes better postmarital relationships, mediation is not for everyone. It is only as effective as the other side's willingness to cooperate and negotiate in good faith. If litigation is your only option, our firm will aggressively represent you and look out for the best interests of you and your children.

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In recent years, more than 60% of California marriages have ended in divorce. If you have questions about how California law may address the issues in your marriage, contact a California family law attorney.

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