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Stepparent Adoption

Los Angeles Stepparent Adoption Attorney

A stepparent adoption formalizes the legal relationship between stepparent and child. For many families, it can be beneficial to complete a stepparent adoption because it gives the stepparent the legal authority to make important decisions involving the child, it enables the stepparent to provide health insurance coverage for the child and it extends inheritance rights to both the stepchild and parent. In many respects, the stepparent adoption process symbolizes the unification of the family following remarriage.

Los Angeles stepparent adoption lawyer Barbara Irshay Zipperman provides experienced legal counsel and facilitates the stepparent adoption process for clients in Sherman Oaks and throughout the Los Angeles area.

We Know Child Adoption Laws and Can Guide You Through the Stepparent Adoption Process in California

In most situations, the stepparent adoption is uncontested. This is because the other parent is deceased or otherwise is no longer involved in the child's life.

When the stepparent adoption is consented to, the legal process is relatively straightforward. If the other biological parent is alive, it is necessary to file a voluntary termination of parental rights with the court. Once the noncustodial biological parent's rights have been terminated, the custodial parent and stepparent can file a stepparent adoption petition with the court.

Rarely, in the case where the stepparent adoption is contested, the process can be more involved. In order for the stepparent adoption to proceed, it is necessary for the court to terminate the noncustodial parent's rights and obligations. It takes strong evidence from the petitioning stepparent and custodial parent to persuade the court to terminate the noncustodial parent's rights and approve of the stepparent adoption.

Our law firm can assist in completing all necessary paperwork and court filings so that the stepparent adoption proceeds as efficiently as possible.

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If you have additional questions about the termination of parental rights, stepparent adoption or other related family law issues, talk with Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks family law attorney Barbara Irshay Zipperman. Contact our Sherman Oaks law firm

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