Resolving Disputes About Relocation

While divorce severs the legal relationship between husband and wife, it should minimize the disruption of the relationship between parent and child. Therefore, when changes occur that affect the ability of one parent to maintain his or her relationship with the child, such as relocating with the child to another city or state, it is important to bring the matter out in the open and discuss solutions responsibly.

Attorney Barbara Irshay Zipperman helps family law clients throughout the San Fernando Valley in working out post-divorce modifications of divorce agreements, including modifications of child custody and visitation (parenting plans). She keeps the interests of the children first and foremost in resolving child move-away disputes.

What Factors Are Involved In The Proposed Move?

While there can be many reasons necessitating relocating after divorce, it can be detrimental to the other parent's time with the child. It is important that the decision to move be made with the best interests of the child at heart.

  • Will the child benefit from having the support of close family?
  • Will a parent's new job provide the child with better opportunities?
  • Will the child have better education and social opportunities?
  • Will the child have a more stable home environment?
  • Is there a realistic solution to maintain the child and non-relocating parent's relationship?

Using The Right Methods To Resolve Your Case

At the Law and Mediation Offices of Barbara Irshay Zipperman, we recognize the many advantages of mediating family law disputes, such as divorce. We have found that many people who were successful in mediating divorce agreements can also be successful in mediating difficult post-divorce issues, such as child and parent relocation disputes and related child custody modifications.

Barbara Irshay Zipperman is an experienced mediator who is well positioned to use consensual methods to resolve your relocation issues.

To be sure, those methods don't work for everyone. If that is your situation, Barbara will be a strong advocate for you in traditional litigation.

Contact An Experienced Attorney And Mediator

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