Collaborative Law

Los Angeles Collaborative Law Lawyer

The process of collaborative law allows a divorcing couple together to determine the division of property and to fix support with clear expectations not to go to court in settling their divorce. Barbara Irshay Zipperman has helped clients in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, and throughout California in resolving their divorce issues through collaborative law.

The Process of Collaborative Law

Unlike the process of mediation, collaborative law requires an agreement between the parties. The document states that each spouse will deal with the other spouse honestly and will fully disclose all assets. The agreement will also state that the divorcing spouses will work through their problems with their attorneys present as opposed to taking the divorce to court. A collaborative law agreement does not preclude you from going to court. However, you will have to find new legal representation if the collaborative law process does not work.

Legal Representation is Needed for Your Collaborative Law Sessions

Barbara Irshay Zipperman has significant experience representing clients during collaborative law sessions. Even though the process is more cooperative, you will still need representation from a knowledgeable divorce attorney. Your rights still need to be protected and you need to be satisfied with the outcome.

Experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution

While not considered mediation, our experience in that setting plays a vital role in the success of collaborative law. Attorney Barbara Irshay Zipperman is a trained mediator who also does volunteer mediation in divorce matters for the Los Angeles Superior Court. She will enter the collaborative law process fully prepared and ready to employ a variety of strategies to ensure the best outcome.

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