Crafting An Effective Prenuptial Agreement

Understanding your rights and how an impending marriage may impact your property ownership is important prior to entering a marriage. California lawyer Barbara Irshay Zipperman helps clients with the proactive, pragmatic, and admittedly unromantic process of negotiating and preparing prenuptial agreements.

Protecting Assets, Finances, and Business Interests

Obviously, people on the verge of entering into a new marriage are excited. However, key decisions must be made prior to a marriage. Barbara Irshay Zipperman assists her clients in negotiating and drafting and executing detailed prenuptial agreements. Certain protections and expectations must be established to ensure peace of mind. In addition to characterizing assets and defining property rights in the event of property division, spousal support can be limited or waived in a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial Agreements for First Marriages

Prenuptial agreements for first marriages help to define expectations. In addition, there may be interests in a family business, or ownership interests in properties and assets that need to be defined and protected.

Prenuptial Agreements for Second Marriages

Similar to prenups for first marriages, prenuptial agreements for second marriages can be established to provide certainty with respect to property division and support in the case of divorce. We have a lot of experience in negotiating prenuptial agreements with the requisite ingredients to allow for a new partnership while still protecting the interests of the parties.

The Need for a Prenuptial Agreement

Our firm recognizes the need for careful planning and a sense of realism when entering a marriage. If you have valuable assets, you should know what options you have in order to protect them. Barbara Irshay Zipperman has worked with many clients in their first, second, or third marriages to develop detailed and thorough prenuptial agreements which balance the rights and interests of parties and their families.

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