Skilled Guidance In Dividing Assets And Debts

Property division is a major issue in a divorce, turning what may be a peaceful divorce into a contentious battle. However, Barbara Irshay Zipperman has found that negotiation and mediation are often effective ways to resolve property disputes. She also has the skills to go to court if that will provide the best outcome.

The property division process involves determining what is the separate property of each spouse and what is community property, and then assigning a value to it. The characterization of property acquired and income earned during the marriage will need to be inventoried and characterized. The property and income may or may not be community property.

Those complexities require the type of experience Barbara Irshay Zipperman provides. She services clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

Separation Date Disputes in Property Division

The specific date of separation is a vital component in property division. The actual day the marriage ended can be subjective and often a point of contention between a divorcing couple. The date of separation can determine if property is separate or community and can impact the duration of spousal support.

Using Consensual Methods Where Possible

We recognize that arguments can arise over who owns what. Attorney Barbara Irshay Zipperman is skilled at using consensual dispute resolution methods effectively to resolve these and other divorce issues. Depending on your particular situation, this means using methods including mediation or collaborative law.

Property division is an important part of a divorce. The significance of property division should make one think twice before relinquishing the decision-making process to a judge, who will be unfamiliar with you, your assets and will not have enough time to be concerned about your particular needs. If possible, the division of your possessions should be determined between you and your soon to be ex-spouse. Mediation allows for innovative and creative solutions in dividing property to take into account your particular facts and your particular needs.

In some cases, however, consensual methods do not work well. In that is your situation, Barbara Irshay Zippeman will be an able advocate for your interests in divorce litigation.

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