Resolving Complex Property Division Issues

The division of marital assets and debt can become one of the most difficult issues to address in divorce, particularly when there are complex property issues, such as business interests, comingled property interests, investment property interests and other delicate property issues.

Los Angeles family lawyer Barbara Irshay Zipperman has more than 30 years of experience in helping clients work through these property division decisions.

Negotiating and Mediating High-Asset Settlements

Our family law practice emphasizes using negotiation and mediation for the resolution of complex matters in divorce whenever possible. Not only does it reduce the animosity in divorce, it puts the control in the hands of those whose future it affects. Additionally, negotiation and mediation allow for creative solutions that meet your unique needs and goals. When dealing with complex property division matters, we find that clients are frequently more accepting end result when the property settlement agreement has been negotiated or mediated. However, when it serves our clients' interests, we have the experience and skill necessary to represent their property and financial interests in court.

Her decades of experience as a divorce attorney and mediator give Barbara Irshay Zipperman unique insight into the many issues that come into play in cases involving high assets, significant income or complex property concerns, such as:

  • Obtaining valuation of a business and the business cash flow
  • Determining the value of professional practices
  • Preserving a professional practice
  • Identifying appraisal value of real estate assets, including determination of investment income, such as income derived from rental property
  • Tracing significant types of property contributions to marital property
  • Marshalling, characterizing and dividing marital assets
  • Addressing the tax implications of dividing retirement assets and other investment assets
  • Determining the date for valuation of business and personal assets

Our divorce and complex property division attorney works with you to identify solutions that are tailored to your needs and that protect your interests.

Divorce in the Entertainment Industry

At the Law and Mediation Offices of Barbara Irshay Zipperman, we understand the unique problems associated with people in the entertainment industry with regards to fluctuating incomes, media exposure and ownership of intellectual property. We understand the need for discretion and privacy, particularly when confronting divorce and underlying property division issues.

We are committed to upholding confidentiality as we guide clients through complex property division issues faced by those in the entertainment industry, such as determining how music and movie royalties are used in child and spousal support calculations, valuing manuscript rights, brand name rights, trademarks and copyrights. We address complex entertainment industry pensions, and we are mindful of the tax implications in all property division and spousal support issues.

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