Skilled Guidance In Divorce Decree Modifications

When a divorce decree becomes final, it establishes the new rules between you and your now former spouse. Adhering to the agreement will help you move on with the new chapter in your life. However, circumstances may change, requiring modifications to that the divorce decree. Attorney Barbara Irshay Zipperman helps clients in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, and those in the San Fernando Valley in modifying divorce agreements.

Substantial Change in Circumstances

The most common provisions to be modified are child custody, child support and spousal support. Those provisions usually can only be changed if there is a substantial change in circumstances since the prior orders.

Modifications Impacting Custody and Support

Barbara Irshay Zipperman represents clients seeking to change custody and support. If a custodial parent is planning to move to a different city or state with their children, the parenting plan and custody orders will have to be modified. A change in a party's income may warrant a modification of the amount of support that party is paying or receiving. She also represents parties who need to modify their orders because of a change in circumstances.

Mediation and Negotiation Used to Resolve Modification Disputes

Our firm recognizes the value in mediating all aspects of a divorce, including postdivorce modifications. Barbara Irshay Zipperman is an experienced mediator with over 120 hours of training coupled with her service as a volunteer family law mediator for the Los Angeles Superior Court. If mediation has been effective in resolving your divorce, it may work again for any modifications. Emotions may run high, particularly in a situation where a child may be moving with the other parent. We focus on the facts of the case and strive for a cooperative resolution.

Contact an Experienced Family Lawyer

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